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Sustainability advisory services

Strategic ESG solutions for your business

As natural resources deplete, geographic boundaries get blurred and stakeholder expectations become more intense, regulations will get tougher, and risks will get more complex. Under such circumstances, the success - and very survival - of any business will depend largely on how risk-aware, compliant, well-governed, and above all resilient it is to change.

At ACNABIN, we have developed expertise to help organizations make these big shifts to ensure:

  1. Strategic Support
    1. Review existing Governance & Policy Frameworks
    2. Redefine a Comprehensive Governance structure with a ‘Prevention, Detection and Remediation’ process for ensuring an ethical environment within the organization.
    3. Integration of Sustainability Dimensions in Risk - Strategy frameworks.
    4. Leveraging Business Responsibility Reporting as a tool for integrating sustainability dimensions across the organization.
    5. Supporting the organization in making voluntary disclosures under appropriate frameworks, depending upon the need of the organization. e.g. GRI Standards, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Integrated Reporting etc.
  2. Managerial Support
    1. Gap Analysis of the existing performance under the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) parameters and benchmarking with Industry leaders.
    2. Prioritization of key Stakeholders & Material Issues.
    3. Inclusion of ESG parameters in all systems & processes across the organization
    4. Develop a Road map for Sustainable growth with clear targets
    5. Sustainable Supply chain management with policies, review & monitoring mechanisms, ESG audits etc.
  3. Operational Support
    1. Developing a ‘Sustainability Awareness program’ across functions & levels.
    2. Need/Impact Assessment for CSR projects.
    3. Developing back-end systems for
      1. Monitoring ESG performance.
      2. Dashboard for non-financial reporting.
      3. Support the HR department in developing Sustainability KPIs etc
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