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We are proud to be a member firm of Baker Tilly International, one of the top ten global network of independent accounting and business advisory firms. The international network gives us significant global reach in addition to our substantial national presence. We collaborate to leverage our skills, resources and local expertise to help our clients grow locally, nationally and globally.

More information on the global network can be found at

Baker Tilly International Limited is an English company which do not directly provide any professional services to clients. Each member firm is a separate and independent legal entity, and each describes itself as such. ACNABIN Chartered Accountants is not Baker Tilly International’s agent and does not have the authority to bind Baker Tilly International or act on Baker Tilly International's behalf. None of Baker Tilly International, ACNABIN Chartered Accountants, nor any of the other member firms of Baker Tilly International has any liability for each other’s acts or omissions. The name Baker Tilly and its associated logo is used under license from Baker Tilly International Limited.

Relationship with International Accounting bodies:

  1. Was member of BDO International a short period of time in 1991
  2. Was an authorised representative firm of former Andersen SC from 1992 until July 2002

Relationship with UN Bodies/Donor/international Development Organization:

  1. USAID (Enlisted by the United States Office of Regional Inspector General/Audit, Singapore to perform financial audits of USAID fund recipients in Bangladesh)
  2. Enlisted with World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO, UNHCR, FAO, PPD and other UN bodies.
  3. European Commission/ European Union and Canadian International Development Agency to conduct financial audit of the recipients of their fund.

Collaboration with other consulting firms ACNABIN has been able to establish close working relationship with many national and international consulting firms in Bangladesh through its efficient and dedicated services.

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